Who are the Storytellers?

Jason D'Rocha (Author/Storyteller)
Jason is an accomplished author and the founder of Jr. Storytellers, a company dedicated to helping children explore their imagination and creativity through engaging storytelling experiences. With over two decades of experience in the field of children's education, Jason has honed his skills in capturing the imagination of young minds and creating opportunities for learning and growth. In addition to his work as an author and storyteller, Jason is also a highly sought-after trainer and speaker, traveling across North America to share his expertise with educators, coaches, parents, and caregivers. He is deeply committed to helping people understand the best ways to communicate and interact with children in a safe, meaningful manner. LinkedIn Profile: Jason D'Rocha

Tayson Martindale (Illustrator)
Meet Tayson, the cartoonist and storyteller extraordinaire hailing from Edmonton, Alberta! This creative mastermind has published his very own graphic novel, BOX BOY, with 215 Ink, and has even self-published a few comics of his own, including Parker Purr: Cat Adventurer, The Legendary: Winter, and Bedtime Tails. Tayson also lends his artistic talents to Thunder Frog Comics' series, Thunder Frog, and even designs the cards for the wildly popular game ACTIVE ANIMALS: THE GAME. When he's not busy bringing his imaginative ideas to life, Tayson loves nothing more than sharing his passion for comics and storytelling with the next generation of creative minds.

Graham Seater (Author/Storyteller)
Graham is an award-winning kindergarten teacher in Toronto, Ontario where he tries a range of voices in his storytelling, and thankfully the four year-olds don’t seem to judge. He has written for children’s television and web series, including tween shows Life With Derek and My Babysitter’s A Vampire and the preschool math show Monster Math. He is the founder of the Junior Author Project, turning young writers into published authors, and in 2017 he published his first book, Would You Be My Tree?

Brad Fay (Author/Storyteller)
Brad was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.  A strong interest in all sports, combined with a passion for writing and storytelling led him to pursue a career in journalism and media.  In 1998 he was hired as an original on-air personality at Sportsnet and has lived and worked in Toronto ever since.  Assignments have taken him all over North America to the biggest sporting events in the world.
Along the way he and his wife Julie started a family, which allowed Brad to constantly sample his ever-evolving silly poems for his two young sons.  In many ways, his first book “Underwear is Fun to Wear” has been a labour of love for over a decade.

Terra Nord (Author/Illustrator)
Meet Terra Nord, the dynamic Canadian watercolor maestro, currently nestled in the scenic landscapes of northern British Columbia. Terra is on an enchanting journey—crafting her debut children's book set to captivate young minds in the Spring of 2024.  In November 2022, Terra wowed audiences with her solo masterpiece at her first art show, showcasing her diverse talent in nature, wildlife, and irresistible food art. Her canvases have graced various group exhibitions, making waves with her vibrant brushstrokes.

For Terra, watercolor is a dance between control and embracing the unpredictable—mirroring the beautiful chaos of life itself. Stay tuned as Terra Nord paints her way into hearts and bookshelves, inviting you to join her in a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Terra Nord

Andrew Ntzouras (Author/Storyteller)
Andrew is a Social-Emotional Learning Specialist for the Orange County Department of Education. Andrew supports developing and implementing SEL, providing continuous improvement efforts for school and district educators and administrators, via professional development, consultation, coaching, and mentoring. In partnership with the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, Andrew created The Punies Lesson Series based on The Punies Podcast, produced by NBA All-Star, author, and Oscar winner, Kobe Bryant, after Kobe visited his then-4th-grade class. In addition, Andrew works to train school staff to implement The Punies Lesson Series across OC schools. Andrew earned his BA in History/ Political Science, Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential, and MA in Education from Vanguard University of Southern California while serving as an intern for the United States House of Representatives. He is a certified MTSS Coach and is a published author of The Show Matters: Inspiring Ideas to Ignite, Hope, Wonder, & Imagination in Your Classroom and Sloth + Spider | Try Did It All.

Paul Bromby (Author/Storyteller)
Paul is an emerging voice in children's literature, unveils his debut masterpiece, "The Backpack," a compelling exploration of mental health and well-being within the context of the parent-child relationship. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Paul's basketball background includes representing Nova Scotia and leading the CIAU National Basketball Champions. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy from St. Mary's University, he seamlessly transitioned from his accomplished 23-year career as a Sports Broadcast Media Professional to an executive role as Senior Producer at Sportsnet Central. As a dedicated College Professor at Centennial College and the Lead Coach of New Horizon Basketball, Paul's commitment to guiding and empowering future generations shines through.

Paul Bromby

Lyndia MacKay (Illustrator)
From a very young age, Lyndia has been cultivating her passion for art through drawing and painting. Although her career took her down a different path, she never lost her love for creating. Lyndia's portfolio includes several captivating children's murals and illustrated works created for family and friends. Her illustrative capabilities breathe life into characters by capturing memorable moments filled with vibrant colors, textures, and special details. Lyndia's true passion lies in the creative process of designing and developing storyboards that transport characters into engaging backdrops. She takes pride in helping others bring their stories to life and witnessing the joy that families experience through the works she helps create.