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Your greatest motivation looks up at you!

Your greatest motivation looks up at you!

"...if you have children, know that you may have all the motivation you’ll ever need to achieve anything in life. Just be the kind of person you want your children to grow up and become and you'll be amazed at what you will accomplish."

Customer Reviews

We bought “Nothing but Yet!” for our son. He loves reading it with us and has been encouraged to practice in order to gain new skills and to see learning something new as an exciting challenge. 
As a grade two teacher I really like the clear message and how the pictures capture the emotions of the characters, lending itself well to being used as a purposeful read aloud for text to self discovery.

Stephen Nolan

“My Mom, My Superhero” is a must read for parents of young children and educators alike. I am an elementary school teacher and I really like the messages that this book promotes. It teaches children (and reminds adults) that mothers do so much on a daily basis, that they truly deserve the title of "superhero". The book also encourages us to have gratitude for our moms and to recognize them as outstanding role models...It not only upholds and honours mothers and women in a way that children can recognize and appreciate, but it also depicts interracial marriage, which is reflective of Canada's vibrant multicultural society. 

Lynn Kameka

“My Mom, My Superhero” is a staple in our nighttime routine. My 11-month-old son enjoys following along and pointing out different elements as we read. The book is a fun read, colorful, and clear. Most of all, it is an important message that I aim to instill in my son for his lifetime. Looking forward to more stories from JR Storytellers!

Derek Morrison

Love this book! Great for children of all ages. "My Mom, My Superhero" is beautifully written and illustrated - it's our new bedtime favourite! Thank you for reminding us about all the Superhero Moms out there!

Lenna Jackson

"Nothing but Yet!"... This book brings to life one of my favorite parenting quotes:

"If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning. That way, their children don’t have to be slaves of praise. They will have a lifelong way to build and repair their own confidence." 
- Carol Dweck -

It helps kids understand that even if they can't do something yet, they can take the steps to be able to do it one day.

In a masterful way, Jason, Graham and Tayson remind me every time I read this, to empower my kids the best I can to develop a growth mindset. Thanks for this amazing book. Already a favorite for my kids! 

Olivier Rousseau

I really loved “My Mom, My Superhero”, from it's very colourful illustrations to the wonderful story. It celebrates all that our mothers do for us as children. Children reading the story will hopefully learn not to take all that for granted and appreciate their Super Moms. Another wonderful aspect is the representation of a culturally diverse family; something that is lacking in children's books and television shows. I look forward to more installments by this talented author/illustrator duo.

Darryl August

"My Mom, My Superhero" perfectly captures the invaluable and varied role of a mother in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for a group read-aloud or as a bedtime treasure, children and families will be inspired by the sentiments of compassion, gratitude, and equality. 
I love the celebration and respect for the small, everyday qualities too often overlooked. 
As a parent and educator, I will be sharing this wonderful book with many !

Amy Lyn

Thank you Jason for writing “My Mom, My Superhero”! Excellent read! It really hits home on the values of family and the important superhero’s we have to mentor us. I work both in media, and with children, and it was so nice to read this beautiful book. My father, also my hero, passed away when I was young and my mom, my other hero, immediately dedicated her life to looking after us and managing the house. When I look back and think of all the things that my mom provided for me, I really do not know how she did it. The book took me down memory lane and helped me to reflect on all the transformations she did in a regular day. It was with great joy to read through this book and get a real feel for sense of family, and values in life. As children we do not realize all the extracurricular things our parents do to make our life so wonderful. When children read this book it helps them to recognize the importance of our mom’s in a language they can understand. Not only is this book well written and meaningful, the artwork is breathtaking. It is vibrant, and colourful, detailed exactly to the mentality of a child. It is bound to grasp the attention of many little children. I recommend this book to anyone that has children or works with them. It is a nice, warm, and heartfelt story. Huge Props! Well Done! 

Catherine Young

I love “My Mom, My Superhero”! I strongly recommend it to everyone! It reaffirms the irreplaceable value of a great mother. Grandparents get to see their efforts transform into a beautiful reality. Young couples get to understand the great, sweet, and endless responsibilities that they must embrace as they plan their family's future. Most importantly, through this simple story, children get to see how lucky they are and know that what inspires their superhero is them.

Ricardo Ramos Rodriguez

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