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Ready, Set, Underwear! : A Parent's Guide to Underwear Success!

Oh, the joys of parenthood! One of the most exciting milestones for any parent is seeing their little ones transitioning out of diapers and into their first pair of "big kid" underwear! It's a bittersweet moment, for sure. On one hand, you're so proud of your child's step towards independence, but on the other, you know that there's a good chance you're about to go from changing a few diapers to changing a few bed sheets;) 

But fear not, parents! The transition from diapers to underwear doesn't have to be a daunting one. There are plenty of ways to make the process as smooth as possible, while also having a little fun along the way.

First things first, you'll want to make sure your child is developmentally ready to start wearing underwear. If they're showing interest and their diapers stay dry throughout the day, then it's time to start the transition. You might want to start off slowly, with just a few hours at a time in underwear, gradually increasing the amount of time as your child becomes more comfortable.

And here's a pro tip: let your child pick out their own underwear! This is a great way to get them excited about the transition and give them a little bit of control over the process. Plus, who doesn't love rocking some undies with their favorite character on them?

Throughout the process, be sure to offer plenty of praise and encouragement for your little one's successes (and even their not-so-successful attempts). And don't forget to celebrate their milestones along the way! The transition from diapers to underwear is a big deal, and it's something that should be celebrated.

So, parents, take heart! With a little patience and support, you can help your child make the leap from diapers to underwear with ease. And hey, if you want to make the journey even more fun, check out Brad Fay's new children's book, "Underwear is Fun to Wear"! It's a hilarious and playful story that perfectly captures the magical journey out of diapers and into the amazing new world of underwear! Visit Jr Storytellers to order your copy now and make the transition an enjoyable process for everyone!

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